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A massive leap in the treatment of those afflicted with malicious diseases, Prudential Financial recently announced that they will be offering their plans to those living with HIV. A long-standing rule prohibited those suffering with HIV to receive life insurance, but now Prudential is extending their hand. With the life expectancy of those living with HIV/AIDS climbing to new heights, people can now live fuller, longer lives while battling this terrible disease.

Modern science has done wonders in the war against this virulent disease. With the average life of an AIDS/HIV patient averaging 70 years, the disease once thought a death sentence is now something you can live with. In light of this recent development, Prudential thought it prudent to develop an insurance policy to accommodate those just looking to protect their family in the event the worst should happen.

Support groups have rallied behind Prudential Financial and their decision. Years of unjust abuse and clinical morbidity rarely left room for comfort with those living with HIV/AIDS. The treatment alone, dozens of pills and medications, is enough to drive anyone to desperation. This plan acts as an olive branch and an invitation to those who have long felt secluded by their condition back to a community.

Robert TaurosaMore than 1.2 million American are living with HIV, with an estimated 50,000 diagnosed with the virus each year. Though no cure for the disease exists currently, researchers have devoted hours of time and millions of dollars to find a solution. And while the insurance plan’s premiums will surely be higher than someone without AIDS/HIV, the mere creation of a policy for people that have been traditionally treated as pariahs is a sign that times are changing for the better. For more on the subject, follow this link.