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Interestingly enough, the more at risk your lifestyle leaves you, the more you need life insurance. Yet, the more you need life insurance, the harder it is to get, or at the very least, the more expensive it is to get. While certainly a variety of influencing factors contribute to determining what makes your lifestyle an ‘at-risk’ lifestyle, sports in particular play a role of vital significance. More specifically, the sports listed below can make it nearly impossible to attain a decent insurance plan:

Ice Climbing

Trekking up a flat, ice-covered cliff face is not exactly the safest of activities, and insurance companies recognize that. Utilizing dangerous tools called crampons, ice climbers find themselves time and time again hurt from self-inflicted, though unintentional, stab wounds. Of course, the possibility and relatively often case of the ice cracking and falling, bringing the climber down with it, make life insurance companies hesitant to provide coverage as well.

Base Jumping

Leaping from skyscrapers and exposing yourself to not only serious injury but death itself places life insurance companies in an awkward position to provide coverage as well. While adrenaline-junkies may enjoy the rush induced from falling at exponentially increasing speeds, insurance companies beg to differ and are less inclined to provide fiscal security.


This extreme sport involves bringing a skier to an untraveled location and having them leap from the helicopter onto a patch of fresh snow, untarnished by former travel or use. In traveling to these remote and more often than not, unexplored, areas, skiers are exposing themselves to a much greater possibility of injury. When literally traveling the road less traveled, these brave souls are making themselves vulnerable to dangerous wildlife, erratic avalanches, and even thin ice patches. As a result, insurance organizations tend to opt-out of providing coverage to heli-skiing enthusiasts.

Street Luge

When blazing down city streets at speeds that can reach up to 70 mph, riders, as you can likely imagine, are more prone to serious injury and potentially death. Even the most experienced riders can find themselves flipping over onto the cement after a particularly treacherous run, and it is for this reason that insurance carriers remain opposed to providing hearty coverage to established street lugers.