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When shopping for life insurance, it’s important to know the various things that can lead to a potential increase in your rates. Though the rates don’t fluctuate as severely as car insurance, there are certain elements that can directly impact your prices. Below are a few things to avoid if you’re interested in keeping your rates down.

Speeding Tickets: While they won’t do you any favors in the auto-insurance department, demonstrating a history of reckless behavior will surely increase your life insurance premiums. By having a backlog of tickets like some have family photos, your life insurance provider will see a red flag.

Tobacco Use: I’m not attempting to tell anyone how to live, but it’s a fact of life insurance that if you do smoke, your rates will go up. Dangerous, addictive, and main contributing factor to a myriad of dangerous diseases. If you can, limit or stop your smoking before pursuing a life insurance policy.

Heavy Alcohol Use: Another fairly obvious contributing factor to an increased premium, alcohol-related deaths are a very real and very serious problem. Over 82% of life insurance adjusters unanimously agree that alcohol abuse is a serious problem, and one that affects the cost of your plan.

Health: Both current, past, and familial family is very important for a life insurance agent. Though there is little you can do about a Robert Taurosafamily history of disease or illness, your health is your best asset. Maintaining your well being, physical fitness and a system of healthy habits is the best way you can ensure a low barrier to entry.
Following these short examples will not only help you to find a manageable life insurance plan but also ensure a certain level of happiness and health for your life. Remember, your life insurance isn’t meant for your benefit, but your life is.