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The life insurance industry is facing a problem. Millennials simply aren’t purchasing policies. They seem to not see it as an important part of life. They associate life insurance with senior citizens and assume that they should only care about it when they are older. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Life insurance is incredibly important as soon as you become an adult and it is smarter to purchase a policy when you are younger, when premiums are cheaper.


In order to appeal to millennials, life insurance companies must use the tools of today: smartphones and applications. In order for today’s youth to become interested and engaged in the life insurance discussion, they must be approached in a manner that they are familiar with. This is exactly what one company is attempting to do.


Tomorrow Ideas, a startup company based in Seattle, has created an app that will, hopefully, get millennials excited about their life insurance. The startup has earned $2.6 million in seed funding from venture capitalists and is expected to be a hit with its demographic. The Tomorrow app takes the process of setting up a will and living trust and buying life insurance and boils it down into a simple and easy-to-manage app. Users can make small or large changes to their will in the blink of an eye. The idea behind the app is that users don’t need to go to a lawyer every time they want to change their will. It makes the process simpler and much more user friendly.


One of the founders of Tomorrow, CEO Dave Hanley, was inspired to create the app when his father died without a will. He had to take care of his father’s estate while also dealing with a mother with dementia. He was in need of a quick way to make changes to a will, living trust or to purchase a life insurance policy. And so, Tomorrow Ideas was born.


While there are other services very similar to Tomorrow, Hanley and company believe that what sets Tomorrow apart is its friendly mobile user interface as well as the fact that it is something of a one stop shop for life insurance, wills and living trusts.


Will the application be able to appeal to the millennials of today? We will have to wait and see what Tomorrow brings.