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My career, as well as this blog, is focused on life insurance and life settlements. However, I do not mind discussing different kinds of insurance and policies every now and again. I think it is crucial to inform everyone of the importance of insurance in general. We, as a collective society, must be well-informed and well-equipped in the case of emergencies. That is why I wanted to walk through a few of the different types of insurance and briefly touch on their importance.


Car Insurance

When most people purchase a car, they do not drive it for one or two years before getting another one; they tend to use it for all its worth, with most using their vehicles for around six years. That is a lot of time. Cars are not simply man-made machines used to get from point A to point B; they are investments. And you should take care of your vehicle for as long as you possibly can. That is why car insurance is so important. In fact, car insurance is so important that it is legally required to drive a car in all but two states (Virginia and New Hampshire). Car insurance will ensure that both your car and your life are protected from potential damages (depending on the circumstances of the incident). Car insurance can take care of your dented bumper as well as your whiplashed neck. Again, the circumstances of each individual incident are crucial in determining what exactly your insurance will cover, but it is always a great idea to have your car insured.


Home Insurance

Owning a home can be an amazing experience. It is a major step in a person’s life. Much like a car, a house is an investment. Your house is where you grow your family and create new and warm memories. Unfortunately, accidents happen and at a moment’s notice, your house can fall victim to a bevy of attacks. Burglary, fire, flooding and hurricanes are all legitimate threats to your home. If your house isn’t insured, you could potentially lose everything you own and not be able to pick up the pieces quickly, if at all. You must be vigilant in purchasing the best possible insurance you can for your home, and you must know exactly what your insurance covers. Regardless, it’s a great idea to protect both your belongings as well as your loved ones.


Health Insurance

Ive discussed this before in a previous blog, so I will keep this short. Health insurance can cover any medically related issues that arise. It can cover everything from doctor’s visits to surgery to prescriptions. With how expensive healthcare is in America, it is a necessity to own a health insurance policy.