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The Answer to Today’s Life Insurance Problem? Tomorrow

The life insurance industry is facing a problem. Millennials simply aren’t purchasing policies. They seem to not see it as an important part of life. They associate life insurance with senior citizens and assume that they should only care about it when they are older. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Life insurance is […]

Robert Taurosa The Different Types of Insurance

The Different Types of Insurance

  My career, as well as this blog, is focused on life insurance and life settlements. However, I do not mind discussing different kinds of insurance and policies every now and again. I think it is crucial to inform everyone of the importance of insurance in general. We, as a collective society, must be well-informed […]

Robert Taurosa - Are Life Insurance Agents In Trouble?

Are Life Insurance Agents In Trouble?

Since the creation of the very first life insurance policy, mankind has needed human life insurance agents. Otherwise, who else would sell policies and lead and assist policy holders? And the life insurance industry has done well and managed to get by this way. Until now, that is. As technology continues to advance at staggering […]

Robert Taurosa - Keeping Health Care Simple: The Oscar Approach

Keeping Health Care Simple: The Oscar Approach

Health insurance, as many of us know, is one of this country’s top concerns. From doctor shortages to unaffordable policies to a lack of transparency in said policies, the health insurance industry is in need of some assistance. Oscar Health Insurance is looking to be that helping hand, focusing on simplicity and transparency.   Co-founded […]

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Contemporary Cyber Risks

Technology continues to permeate nearly every aspect of both professional and personal life today. Unfortunately, the increase in technology’s capacity has correlated with an increase in sophisticated cyber attacks. We have seen these massive data breaches afflict once thought-to-be fail safe corporations. Sony and Target are but two world-renowned brands who fell victim to anonymous […]

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The New Frontiers in Insurance

The immense and rapid development of technology increases exponentially every year. An entirely unpredictable future lies before us, characterized by three-dimensional printers, autonomous vehicles, augmented/virtual reality and who knows what else. With technology only becoming more prevalent, it is of the utmost significance the insurance industry implement it accordingly—and to its advantage. In light of […]

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Life Insurance Saves Lives

Retirement. It’s a time some Americans look forward to from the beginning of their career and a time some Americans dread with overwhelming anxiety. Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s inevitable, and as such, we need to plan for it. Insurance is an integral part of preparing for retirement. Old age brings with […]

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Yes, Millennials, You do Need Insurance

Millennials have a lot on their plate. Higher unemployment rates, reduced salaries, and an unstable economy all shape their day-to-day, forcing them to devise clever budgets that go beyond just ‘stretching’ a dollar. However, no matter how difficult circumstances may be, life insurance is still a near necessity in the modern era. It is difficult […]

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Cyber Insurance is Here to Stay

T-Mobile. Sony. Ashley Madison. In recent years, cyber security attacks have rightfully risen to the forefront of media with each new damaging digital hack. Resulting in the loss of literally billions of dollars, there is a clear need for not just improved digital security measures, but cyber insurance as well. Once believing itself immune to […]

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Why We Reject Life Insurance

While the benefits of life insurance are certainly well-documented and absolutely widely known, many American still manage to neglect it. In fact, astoundingly enough, more than 100,000,000 Americans have no life insurance protection. Apparently, according to a recent study completed by LIMRA, most Americans claim their chief financial concern is whether or not they will be […]

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